Known by the best to be the best!


We are pleased to announce the expansion of our current business.   This website is to reflect our expansion and future growth.  For more information, please see our Projects Page.


Our mission is to be the global leader for food manufacturing and processing through the use of cutting edge technology that enables us to maximize efficiency and respect our physical environment, while virtually eliminating waste while increasing profit.




We will lead the way in demonstrating how to make waste into beneficial products. We will provide affordable, quality organic vegetable products to feed the world's populations. We will open new doors to a quality environment and will operate under the philosophy of "no waste".




M & K Produce Inc is an environmentally friendly company deeply rooted in the community and setting quality and standards in food production and distribution. We pride ourselves as a leader in combating worldwide hunger, reducing energy dependency, and setting the example of corporate responsibility.



The technologies used by M & K will have a major impact throughout the world on how waste products will be processed in the future.  The net result has been the creation of an environmentally responsible business that is positioned to help revitalize and improve communities.



Our blueprint for a community based food industry involves:



·         creating employment in rural or job depleted communities,



·         raising quality of living standards by providing affordable housing,



·         exceptional educational opportunities for staff,



·         creating a sound self-sufficient business model serving the community and the environment.



M & K Produce Research team raises special plants for the research and development of medicinal herbs and natural products.  The research complex opens the door for attracting scientist worldwide to develop and produce the safest natural products.